Interview Unfaithfulness

Canon-EOS-Rebel-T7I lied in my first job interview.

And was rejected.

Everyone else spent the summer doing internships with Fortune 500 companies while I hung out with my girlfriend.

“They’re all better than me,” I thought.

So I misled the interviewer. When asked if I ever went against what my employer told me, I invented a story.

When the job went to someone else I was angry. “I’ll make my own damn fortune,” I thought. So I became an professional online poker player.

And earned twice as much as my friends.

But felt miserable sitting in my room all alone in front of the computer all day.

Eight months later, when a new opportunity came along, I chose to be honest in the interview. To tell the truth. To be myself.

And got the job.

Two years later, I applied for a position at Google.

“Don’t mention that you were a professional poker player,” a professional proofreader told me.

But I was done with the dishonesty.

“We love unique candidates,” Google told me after I was hired.

Two years later I left Google to co-found my own agency, Raccoon Digital Marketing.

But I didn’t stop being honest.

And I can’t count the number of doors it’s opened.

And the number of deals it’s helped close.

The lesson is clear—

Just be you.

That’s the one thing you’re the best at.


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