What skills do you have?
Look at something Tom said to Greg:

“Think about what you have to offer. You should make some notes about the different skills you have. For example: what do you do for your current job? What skills do you have that you could use in a new job?”

It’s important to know what your skills are and how they can help you succeed. When we think about skills we often talk about hard skills and soft skills.

Hard skills are things you can do. Look at some examples:
– typing
– speak fluent Spanish
– computer programming – IT skills
– driving licence

Soft skills are about the way you are. Look at some examples of soft skills:
– problem solving
– creative thinking
– leadership

Think about your skills. What hard skills and soft skills do you have? Try to think of three of each.

Share your ideas. Ask an educator for help if there are words you don’t know.


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