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I decide to be a BLOGGER not for the fun of it but to pursue my passion and to reach out to the world with discerning thoughts and ideas which reflect my point of view and how that fits correctly into the ideologies of those who will patronize my site. When I were thinking of how to become an astute writer cum journalist, I really thought of educating myself in Communication Studies or any journalism or writing related field of study. I tried as I could to gain an admission into one of the premier journalism school in the country. However, I didn’t get what it takes to be in that school. I hope you understand what I mean by now-money. Yes! So at that moment that I lost the opportunity to get into school thinking that’s my only surest bet of becoming a writer, this idea dropped into my train of thoughts: you can be a BLOGGER. In fact, you can really pursue your dream of becoming whoever you dream of becoming by giving this a try.


I had little idea of BLOGGING at that time which I believe I still have not fully understood at the time of writing this piece. For me, I just want to write for fun; put my thought on a paper and to admire it when I read to myself. I had written some poems and short stories that I really admire then. Sometimes after reading those piece of arts of mine to myself, I usually exclaim, ‘Gosh! You are very bright’. A true sense of self-worth. Definitely, I can’t sit on the couch and expect the world to see what I am made of. I have to reach out to the world and put my works online. Thus, I can get the right people who will buy into my writings and also build a steady bond with other good and professional writers out there. My dreams were always filled with visions of me as a journalist behind the console and speaking directly into the microphone. Using my medium as a potent tool in transforming societies, reforming the socioeconomic standards and influencing the wellbeing of my people positively.

My days were filled with anxieties as I looked into the future with uncertainty and doubt. I asked myself several questions that my mind could never produce answers to. Is my dream never going to come true? Can I ever live a well fulfilling life? What does the future holds for me? Someone may say these questions were borne out of my own internal imbalances. That person will be right. Do you know why? Here is the reason: I was brought up from a humble background barely able to get by. I saw and experienced how periodic hardships rendered me incapacitated to do anything. Poverty was real; I could see it, I could feel it. I don’t just want to live without making an impact. In fact, I want my story to be written differently. My passion must be pursued with every breath of life in me until I see it achieved. In high school, I finally realized my fullest potential of writing and speaking the Queen’s language with such admirable articulation and eloquence. My teachers were really fond of me and at a moment I could believe I were the one. The utmost rejection and disdain that was exercised towards before high school was fast vanishing. I rediscovered myself and catapulted on that discovery to lead the student section of my school. A hopeless chapter was closed and a new and refreshing chapter of hope was opened and I had the belief that I would make it. That conviction is strong every day.

Now, I have created my blog. I am making good use of my potential. I am not making anything from it yet but I feel good that I have people who my works get to. I will definitely become who I everyday dream of. But before then, I would not let this opportunity of putting my passion into a productive use slip by. I want to urge you reading this piece of writing that you can still realize your goal no matter the current situation. It may look bleak but never allow it to create doubts in you. Believe in yourself and pursue your passion with the utmost exigency like it will come crashing down if you don’t.



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